Hey I’m Tiffani Neal organizer and creator of CrushCrave.com. I started CrushCrave out of the need to mix and mingle with likeminded individuals all while enjoying a great meal. A California native I moved to Atlanta Georgia in 2010 with nothing. No friends, no connections and no idea of where to eat! Anyone who knows me knows that I love food, like really really love food.

Exhausted with networking events and professional mixers I started a brunch club. Once a month I would dine with strangers, hey a girls gotta eat. The group continued to grow and the more people I met I realized that there were a lot of professional women like myself. We were new to the city, in our adult life so meeting people wasn’t as easy as those well missed college days. Lastly we all loved to try new restaurants but had no one to go with.

After eating out so often I began writing about my experiences and in 2011 CrushCrave was born. Four years later we’re still eating, exploring the city and expanding our networks all through fun fabulous food finds. Join the mailing list to learn about upcoming events, search the site for delicious recipes and restaurant reviews.

I look forward to eating with you soon!